Here's how to reserve your booth:

  • Step 1 - Booth Selection: Review the layout found below to identify possible and available locations for your booth. Select up to 3 Booths to add to your cart as your preferred booths.

  • Step 2 - Choose Your 1st, 2nd, 3rd Preference: When you add them to your cart, it will ask for your Order of Preference choice. Select first choice, second choice or third choice for the applicable booth. While we plan to make every accommodation to ensure the booth you select and prefer is the one you receive, we do reserve the right to make minor adjustments to the layout and will inform you of any changes. Therefore, as a "just in case" measure, you are offered the option to RESERVE up to 3 booths and mark your order of preference 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.

  • Step 3 - Receive Invoice: You will then receive an electronic invoice sent to the email you used to make the reservation, with the price specific to you, based on the chart below.

  • Step 4- Make Payment: Payments (credit card only) must be received within 14 days (including weekends) to confirm your booth. If your payment is not received with 14 days, then your selected booths will go back into the open selection pool. The sooner you make your payment, the more likely you are to get your first choice.

  • Step 5 - Booth Confirmation: The booth will be confirmed for the first organization who has both requested the reservation and from whom we have received successful payment. It is our recommendation that you pay for your booth with a credit card as soon as possible to confirm your selected booth.


CLICK HERE to download Booth Guidelines or scroll down and read.

CLICK HERE to download Exhibitor Details.


CLICK HERE to learn about being a Spy Games Mystery Booth.

CLICK HERE to register to be a Spy Games Mystery Booth.


Scroll down this page and click on the booth item below to reserve your first three choices for your booth, by selecting the specific booth number you would like, per the map below. 


If you are an annual chapter sponsor (Platinum, Gold, or Silver), you are eligible for a discount on a booth. 


Booths include:

·       One (1) 8-foot covered table with pipe & drape

·       Two (2) vendor lunch tickets

·       Networking opportunities during breakfast, lunch and happy hour

·       Name/logo on expo page of chapter website

·       (Power is available from third party provider at exhibitor's expense) - CLICK HERE FOR THE ORDER FORM


There is limited inventory for our booths, capped at 70.


Booth locations will be determined by order of reservation and completed payment date, upon receipt of the invoice. Your booth is NOT CONFIRMED until we receive payment. You have a two week period to pay for your booth, from the date of the invoice. For booths, ONLY credit cards will be accepted for payment.  (Checks can be issued for Sponsor payments.)

Priority placement will be given to EXPO Sponsors and Annual Chapter Sponsors. Annual Chapter Sponsors have a two-week advanced purchase window from May 26- June 9. Booth locations will be updated on the chapter website on an ongoing basis.

While we plan to make every accommodation to ensure the booth you select and prefer is the one you receive, we do reserve the right to make minor adjustments to the layout and will inform you of any changes. Therefore, as a "just in case" measure, you are offered the option to RESERVE up to 3 booths and mark your order of preference 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.

The map below will be updated every few days (and noted with a date), so you can see who is where. If you don't see an option in the booth items below, but it looks "open" on the layout map, it's probably because we are in the process of updating the map. 


Booths are $800 for Members and $1000 for Non-Members.

Members get an Early-Bird Discount and pay $725 before 5p on June 21. In order to receive the Early-Bird discount, booths must be reserved by 5p on June 21. If paying offline (see below), the payment must be received 3 weeks after that. If not received by then, the regular price of $800 (Member) or $1000 (Non-Member) will apply.

Annual Chapter Sponsors receive a booth discount as follows:

Platinum, 50% off

  • $362.50 by 5p on June 21
  • $400 starting June 22

Gold, 25% off

  • $543.75 by 5p on June 21
  • $600 starting June 22

Silver, 10% off

  • $652.50 by 5p on June 21
  • $720 starting June 22


Booth participants MUST pay with a credit card. This is to ensure that we can date and time stamp the payment to align with our "first paid, first confirmed" procedure. You will have two weeks from the date the invoice was sent to pay for your booth. Please note: If payment is not received within the 2-week deadline, your selected booth will be put back into the pool for sale.


Power and electricity is available for booths and will be secured and provided by a third-party vendor at exhibitor's cost. More information forthcoming.


CAI has a no-tolerance policy regarding “suitcasing,” which describes the practice by non-exhibiting companies or individuals of soliciting sales or sales leads on the tradeshow floor, or in the aisles or lobbies.

It is considered bad form to conduct business outside of the classroom. Talking to clients or prospects in or in front of someone else’s booth or someone else’s course is also a violation of CAI policy and will not be tolerated.

Only registered exhibitors will be allowed on the tradeshow floor. EXPO sponsors that have not purchased a booth will only be allowed on the tradeshow floor during their sponsored event and will not conduct business or visit tradeshow booths.

Violators of these policies will be ejected from the show. 


Booths are for a single company and only that company’s logo can be displayed.


There are no refunds and booths are not transferrable. COVID safety protocols will be followed. Attendance may be limited. While we don't anticipate having to reschedule, if the event should reschedule due to COVID or other unforseen reasons concerning the safety of our participants, all reasonable fees will be transferred to the newly scheduled event, in lieu of a refund.


This layout will be updated with secured and confirmed booths on a periodic basis.

Below are the available booths for you to RESERVE.  You can reserve up to 3 and will be asked to notate your first, second and third choice. Please note it shows a $0 fee right now. That is because you are simply RESERVING your preferences. You will then receive an invoice, with your specific price and a confirmation of one of those booth numbers (pending any unforseen reason where we might need to make an adjustment). That booth will be on hold for you for two weeks (including weekends). We must receive payment via credit card during those two weeks from the date the invoice was SENT in order to officially confirm your booth.

If the booth is grayed out, it means that is no longer available for purchase.

To purchase Sponsorship Options, please CLICK HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: After you add your first product (ie booth) the Shopping Cart page, you will need to hit the back arrow on your browser to get back to this page and add more things to your cart. The Continue Shopping button has a minor glitch we are working to fix.

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